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By Winter's tail, melting ice gives passage for ships to once again enter the city's harbor, and the kingdom of Blajja awakens in fresh bloom of Spring.

Each year at start of Spring, Maisha, the king's young bard and advisor, has to visit the Oracle of Spring. What is the ritual she has to perform to signal a start to the season? And what sort of deals are being made between the king and one of the twelve esteemed warship captains, who has urged the court to a hasty audience, high unusual this early in the year?

As the limited supplies of food and resources in the world continue to dwindle, no harvest can go to waste. Help Maisha navigate between the pitfalls of her duties as the king's counsel, and as the Oracle's favored errand girl to ensure a good start to the growing season!


A short, traditional RPG made as entry for the first 'Seasons of RM' contest. Featuring a dynamic story, graphics from Nekketsu Tairiku (SFC), with music arranged from compositions by Jaëll, Kalinnikov, Raff and others. Projected to take up to 1½ hours to complete, with two or three endings. Afterwards, the story is designed to pick off and continue in the next game featuring 'Autumn' as its theme.

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