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Bravery Rebuild v1.2 - Quality of life patch goes live + Big news!

Hey all, the patch is finally here! Sorry for the delays, I ended up much busier than anticipated with many more things for the project that I'll go into in this post. But first, the patch notes!

v1.2 Changes

  • The Escavator has been nerfed.

  • Stan can no longer stunlock.

  • The Sleep Status now heals 5% HP/WP

  • Pushable rocks now have different graphics from non-pushable rocks.

  • The cave where Flame is hidden received an exit at the end so backtracking through the enemies is no longer necessary.

  • Minor bug fix.

I had many more things I wanted to put into this, but ultimately they ended up as things that would be better to put in the next build. For example: this new battle transition.

Aside from that, I can finally talk about the exciting news I hinted at in the new years blog. The EarthBound/Mother fansite Mother Forever runs an annual presentation of Mother fan-projects and related works called the Mother Direct, and Almari happened to be accepted into the showcase among several other incredible projects! We've been working hard on a trailer that we hope you'll love, and it'll be airing live tomorrow (6/13) at 1PM PST / 4PM EST!!

But wait there's more!

If you've been itching for more music from Almari's soundtrack, Decon Theed has ya covered! Check out his new addition to the OST wannashoutaboutit!

And lastly I want to announce that a newer longer demo is in the works! I'm hoping to get it done by early 2022 but the curse of being an indie dev suggests it'll probably be later than that lol. But one thing I can say is that when it's done, it'll be the final public build of the game until it's finished. It will pick up from where this demo leaves off, and include the entirety of the first three emotion worlds in their final form! I hope you can look forward to that, and in the meantime, the Mother Direct is tomorrow! Be sure to check it out!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next exciting episode of Almari blogs!!


Q&A open for RPG Maker Cola! (Q&A now closed! Please look forward to the episode!)

As mentioned in the previous blogpost, PostElvis, Punkitt and I are appearing on the RPG Maker community podcast RPG Maker Cola!

The Q&A Twitter thread is now open! You can also leave your questions as comments right here too! :D


More Character Artwork by Cam Collins + New Screenshots & More!

Hello all, I bring you another character commission by Cam Collins! This time it's Siza the friendly monster enthusiast! Have you met him?

I've also got a couple screenshots to show off!

I'm planning to release a small demo patch in early 2021. The changes will only be to gameplay so it won't be super exciting for everyone who's already finished the demo unfortunately.

v1.2 Patch notes.
  • Stan will get a nerf that will stop him from stunlocking with his Ram attack (it will instead halve your Speed for a second)

  • The Sleep status will now heal your HP and WP.

  • The cave where Flame is hidden will receive a quick exit at the end so you won't have to backtrack through all the monsters.

  • Pushable and non-pushable rocks will have different graphics.

  • A minor bug fix.

If you're curious about other soundtrack additions, many of the tracks from the demo and other new songs have been added to the OST Playlist on YouTube!

Also happening in 2021, PostElvis, Punkitt, and I will be on the RPG Maker podcast RPG Maker Cola! We'll be recording next week so look forward to a Q&A submission popping up!

That's all I can say for now, but I hope to bring more exciting news in 2021!

I wish you all a happy new year!


Character Artwork by Cam Collins and Punkitt joins the team!

I commissioned Cam Collins to draw the cast of Almari! I've posted a twitter thread with the full sizes of the drawings as well as their colored variations! Check out Cam's other work as well, he makes some cool stuff! I really like his art so It's been great getting to work with him!

Additionally Punkitt has recently joined the game's development team to help me in the graphics department! You may know him for his projects Happup and Astral Guard! His most recent project is Saga Crew and the Spire of Mana! He makes really cool stuff and he’s been a delight to work with!

We'll all be doing our best to make Almari a great experience for you all!


Looking back on the Demo's Release

So it’s been five months since I posted Almari on itch and I’ve been truly surprised by how well it’s been received so far. I mean, a brief Let’s Play on day one?? That was insane! I want to shout out to Sahil for doing that, that really meant a lot to me. To everyone who’s played the demo or popped their head into the discord server, thank you. I’m really happy that my game has made an impression on you.

I feel like I’ve honestly been welcomed into the RPG Maker community, especially on twitter, between getting to know other devs, and Sgt M writing a review, and now Liquid Mikan has started doing translation videos of the demo, it feels almost unreal. I never would have thought that after being influenced by so many RPG Horror games around 2012 that I only got to experience because someone translated them from Japanese, I’d one day make a game of my own that gets some part of it translated to Japanese. It’s surreal that things would come full circle like that.

To anyone else who enjoyed my game enough to want to translate it, you have my full support and I’d be humbled and honored that you’d put in such a great effort. If I can be of any help with such a task, please let me know!

There’s still a lot of the game to be made and revised past the demo. I have my own list of additions and changes to implement, but I’d like to hear your opinions five months after release.

What were some of the things you loved about the game? Or some of the things you hated? High points, low points, everything in between. I’d like to know what worked and what didn’t so I can make the best game I can with the help of your feedback.

Thank you for reading, and thank you again for trying my game.



Almari Alpha Release!

A new playable build of Almari is here! This is an alpha of all the work I’ve been doing on Bravery since November and includes quite a few quality of life buffs as well as plot changes!

-Roughly half of Bravery updated for QOL.
-All enemies and bosses have been rebalanced.
-Touch encounters have been implemented.
-Plot has been revised.
-1 ending has been added.
-There are 2 bosses, 1 dungeon, and 2 mini dungeons.
-Takes about ~2.5 hours to do everything.

Along with this release, I’ve opened a public discord server for Almari for anyone who’d like to meet the dev team and talk about the game!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the latest build!

Progress Report

Fortress Update, New Character, New Song

So I decided to scale back down the graphics for the Bravery Fortress rebuild because they were just too advanced looking for that point in the game. I want the early parts to look rough and gradually become cleaner as the player progresses through the worlds and the characters themselves become more complex with the emotions they gather. Additionally having the fortress look like that clashed with basically everything else in the world and I don’t want to rebuild the entire thing since it still functions as intended.

The new tiles likely won’t go entirely unused because I did like how they came out. Perhaps they’ll return again in a later or deeper world.

With that aside, I have a new character to reveal!

Bethera: A servant of Hama. She exists in several places at once.

Bethera is voiced by Ghost who beta tested the demo!

Lastly here’s a new song composed by POST ELVIS! It’s one of the many boss themes found within the game. In my opinion, you can never have enough killer boss themes, and this one is no exception!

Give it a listen!

Progress Report

Gigas' Fortress Revamp

So I’ve been working on revamping Gigas’ Fortress from the end of Bravery. Those who played the demo may have noticed that it’s been severely incomplete for a long time.

I started by just redoing the original walls (as shown in the video):

But recently I’ve decided to redo the entire structure of the fortress to be more interesting and nonlinear:

The final structure will be similar to Wisdom’s last dungeon but a bit more maze-like. Most of the puzzles will remain the same (though I’ll probably add some new ones) and the encounter rate will be significantly reduced. I’ll also be removing the choice between the monster rush and the boss fight to acquire Gigas’ Key so only the boss can be fought and the monster rush will be removed entirely.

Bravery will be receiving some other adjustments but this will be the biggest and most significant.
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