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Fortress Update, New Character, New Song

So I decided to scale back down the graphics for the Bravery Fortress rebuild because they were just too advanced looking for that point in the game. I want the early parts to look rough and gradually become cleaner as the player progresses through the worlds and the characters themselves become more complex with the emotions they gather. Additionally having the fortress look like that clashed with basically everything else in the world and I don’t want to rebuild the entire thing since it still functions as intended.

The new tiles likely won’t go entirely unused because I did like how they came out. Perhaps they’ll return again in a later or deeper world.

With that aside, I have a new character to reveal!

Bethera: A servant of Hama. She exists in several places at once.

Bethera is voiced by Ghost who beta tested the demo!

Lastly here’s a new song composed by GrandMasterBox! It’s one of the many boss themes found within the game. In my opinion, you can never have enough killer boss themes, and this one is no exception!

Give it a listen!