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You are travelling across the ocean for an unknown reason but then as you're sailing you find yourself in dangerous waters. Suddenly you find the waves growing stronger and suddenly you lose control of the boat. Waving from side to side you hit something!

Your boat is damaged. You drift off to sea...
Suddenly you wake up. What happened? You've been shipwrecked and find yourself in an unfamiliar place. Now must learn to survive.

Maybe you can hunt some deer to make ends meat. You'll have to do something...


-Quest Based RPG

-Open World

-Craft Gear

-Upgrade your Gear with Unique Abilities

-Single Character Party

-Strategic 1 on 1 Combat

-Learn Unique Moves based on Starting Gear

-Unique Equipment Durability System

-Bank and Interest System







Strandent_v0.5 Changelog:

Fixed events the previous update broke
The island is now available
Redesigned village
Added more enemies
Added more color
Other minor changes

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Suddenly, a summer breeze...
Oooooh. This may scratch a particular itch I've had lately for RM games, if not games in general. Will check this out, is on my queue. <3
I hope you enjoy it!

June 1st Update!

You now have a total of 18 abilities to choose from depending which gear you start the game with.

You can only use 4 abilities at a time though so experiment and try to come up with the best build!

Recent updates:

Strandent v0.4
Added over 50 pieces of equipment
Damage now scales based of the users Strength and Dexterity
Added a letter rating for weapon scaling
Added Equipment Requirements
Removed starting Classes and changed how Classes work
There are now 6 Stats to increase in the menu
Started adding color to the game
Added Chain system for item drops
Other minor changes

Strandent v0.3
Reorganized Database
Changed some enemy attacks
Completed all outdoor maps
Made new ground tiles
Made additional tree tiles
Made village larger with new building tiles
Removed damage numbers
Other minor changes

Strandent v0.2
Added grassy areas where random battles occur
Added upgradable stats in the menu
Added more maps
Added more NPC's
Added a skill equip system
Other minor changes

Strandent v0.1
Game released

Going forward I'll remove all but the most recent update so it doesn't take up too much space. I'll post the changelogs down here though so previous updates can still be read.
September 1st Update!

Strandent_v0.5 Changelog:

-Fixed events the previous update broke
-The island is now available
-Redesigned village
-Added more enemies
-Added more color
-Other minor changes

There is a card game in the works also but I don't know when I'll be adding it into the game.
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