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"It all started in blazing heat and unbearable humidity, under clouded skies and buzzing insects...It all started in summer."

The Story

Rayne's father has hidden a secret from her, even in death. A map and key, simple items that lead the way to a valuable and powerful stone. At first, Rayne goes after the stone for shallow ambitions, but soon finds that the adventure holds so much more in store for her.

The Characters

Rayne is a stubborn and determined young lady who was raised in the ways of the sword by her father. Despite her grandmother's insistence that she acts like a lady of her status, she continues to pursue an adventurous lifestyle.

Kurt is a foreign lad who fled with his father from the oppressive king of Cyrdona at a young age. He keeps to himself and can seem cold to others at times. However, he has lived near Rayne long enough to trust her.

Maniko is a mysterious dancer from Konoko village, a subtropical area that is perfect for both weary travelers and hidden treasures. Not much is known about Maniko, and she has dubious reasons for assisting two young travelers on their quest to find a magical stone.

The Stone

This artifact is not only sought after by this ragtag trio, and they will soon find that quests can have dire consequences.

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