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The world of Exodus is a place of mystery and intrigue. Similarly, the will of the gods hold no limits beyond a mortal's understanding. Within a darkened sect of the world, a new light shines upon an effigy of paradise through the eyes of an unknowing tortured soul. With this promised new creation given to him, life also begins -- and a chapter is ready to be written.

* Classic, console-style role-playing game for the PC

* In-depth storyline with nostalgic gameplay

* Various puzzles and side-quests which provide hours of entertainment

* Raise a dragon

* Over 200 different areas to explore

Check out the game's official website!

Latest Blog

MX Download update - 2010.02.09

I was finally able to update the download! :) This is the latest MX download which includes all of the patches/hotfixes made to the game thus far. Further problems and/or inquiries can also be directed to the game's website (http://www.exodus-studio.com)
(Date modified: 2010.02.09)
  • Completed
  • Xathia Vastar
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 03/22/2009 06:59 PM
  • 07/15/2022 09:46 AM
  • 04/16/2009
  • 113452
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um...not to be like rude but how do i download it?...
Sorry, I thought the download would have gotten approved by now. I'll re-upload it again.
I played your game and I disliked it. I thought you put a lot of effort into it with the mapping and everything. But I'm not the type of person who likes to spend a whole year trying to figure out where I gotta go >:( . I got told to go to commoners area and spoke with that dude. Eventually I figured out where I had to go. After doing so I spoke with everyone on that place and wandered endlessly for almost 1 and a half hour trying to find out where to go with no avail. I really annoys me when the player has no idea what to do or where to head. So I game up...plus I haven't even go into any battles yet either. I didn't like the Castle music either, it was strange and odd. Plus the game seems good and maybe I haven't got far enough to experience it's good qualities but you shouldn't make a game so unstraigthtforward at the start or many people will give up straight away. I don't even like it when games have hard puzzles but I'd rather be doing that than wandering around endlessly >:( . God I'm so frikin mad right now!
Hi there!
I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the game, but I appreciate the constructive feedback you've given about the game. I take all c&c into consideration in order to help me make better games, so I appreciate the fact that you took the time to explain why you did/didn't like it.

I just finished your game and I have to say that overall it was good. I had a few technical issues that I had to go into RPGMaker to fix (sorry for intruding on your program!). The first was Kenneth not being able to equip the thieves tools and the second being that after training Spark to hunt, my hero speed would increase by one.
Onto the story . . I liked the prologue feel of the beginning. For a while there I thought maybe that was the whole game. What a relief! I thought it was really neat that I could both choose the name and the 'profession' of the main protagonist. Unfortunately, I kept feeling like there was going to be more. For instance, when boarding the ship from Winterhaven and the sailor asks where I want to go, being asked that question versus 'do you want to go to Myth Xaran' made me think that maybe I would have more options later on.
Anyway, like I said, overall a good game. I think this shows your potential to make greater games.
Thanks for the hours of fun!!
Thanks for playing and I definitely appreciate the feedback! There are sequel games being planned/in the works (2 more, at least), so there will definitely be more things to see :) The world of Exodus is an insanely huge place, so the game would be massively epic if the ship allowed access to other areas besides the main areas that the game focuses on (that being Myth Xaran and Gauromaund).
Thank you again for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Hi there! (sorry, I'm just seeing this post)
First talk to Agama in the far eastern part of town, then go to the far western part of town into the storage room, and move the crate. You'll see stairs leading down.
I really should play this game again, wish I wasn't so busy with others.
Giving the player little to no instructions on what to do was an interesting design choice. However, this combined with a slow walk speed AND a slow text speed made this playing this game a boring and somewhat painful experience. I couldn't make it past the first ten minutes. Giving the player freedom to explore the world and figure things out on their own can be a good thing, but slowing the pace to a crawl due to game settings beyond the their control just kills the experience. Its too bad really, this game looked like it had real promise. Also, was the castle supposed to have no music? The deathly silence didn't exactly help the mood.
The castle is supposed to have music. Is it not playing for you? I will look into this problem and see what's going on.
And I appreciate the C&C about the game. This has all been a learning experience for me. I've been working on another project which will rectify many of the mistakes I made with MX.
Btw, for the latest updates and patches for the game, please see the main website: http://www.exodus-studio.com
Hi, I was enjoying playing this game but unfortunately lost all my saves due to a virus (I think). So... I was wondering if anyone could lend me their save (at the point where you play as the liitle girl) cause I don't want to start the game from scratch. T_T I'd really appreciate it.
Hmm it seems the game is buggy. For example when I talked to mistress of orphange from left the game froze so I had to talk from right
When I talked to the boy in well I started walking through walls
and the part now really pissed me off after sorting supplies seem to be completed I want to go out and I get message do you want to leave but nothing happens when I press yes
Hi there! I'm sorry that you ran into bugs. Have you downloaded all of the patches from the website? (http://www.exodus-studio.com then go to Support)
I will check the bugs in the orphanage and see what is causing this.
I have been unable to update the Myth Xaran download on RM.net, unfortunately. I seem to keep getting errors, so the current download there is an old one. Just go to the website (www.exodus-studio) to get the latest version and patches for the game.
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Gonna pop this one into my engine and watch it crash ^^

OH no it's an installer, that's a no go.
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