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The world of Exodus is a place of mystery and intrigue. Similarly, the will of the gods hold no limits beyond a mortal's understanding. Within a darkened sect of the world, a new light shines upon an effigy of paradise through the eyes of an unknowing tortured soul. With this promised new creation given to him, life also begins -- and a chapter is ready to be written.

* Classic, console-style role-playing game for the PC

* In-depth storyline with nostalgic gameplay

* Various puzzles and side-quests which provide hours of entertainment

* Raise a dragon

* Over 200 different areas to explore

Check out the game's official website!

Latest Blog

MX Download update - 2010.02.09

I was finally able to update the download! :) This is the latest MX download which includes all of the patches/hotfixes made to the game thus far. Further problems and/or inquiries can also be directed to the game's website (http://www.exodus-studio.com)
(Date modified: 2010.02.09)
  • Completed
  • Xathia Vastar
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 03/22/2009 06:59 PM
  • 07/15/2022 09:46 AM
  • 04/16/2009
  • 113460
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hello everyone! after the game set up, there is no launge game icon..i can't start the game!!! :((
There may not be an icon on the desktop. If you look in the install folder (c:\ program files\Enterbrain\) The Myth Xaran.exe file should be there to launch. Let me know if you still have problems. Thanks!
I downloaded the game, but it seems that I'm lost. I talked to the king who says go to the south east, but there is nothing down their except two dungeons I can't get in. Help!
It's actually to the south and west of the castle. There is a town there (I will fix this bug and repost a new download link with a few more fixes.
Okay, I went their and read some notice board, then I read the letter. Nothing happened, the king still said "go to the commoner's quarters". What am I missing?
yeap, got it from the programms files..thanx!!! the game is awesome so far , but i am stuck..can't find the fourth egg..the port is not accesible to me and i ve searched everywhere..please help me!
instead i got a baby dragon..i wonder if i ve messed with the quests' order...
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Cooooool! This looks pretty classic, I am gonna play it and see if it fills my rampant lust for nostalgia.
Antilurker: You will need to speak to the town leader. He's in the eastern part of town.
aporia: Have you tried the village in the west?
if you mean the northwest..yes..i ve found one in the village and two from the mages..the fourth one hatched in the palace..is this meant to happen? so now i have only three..:(
and something else: how can i equip the thieve's tools? do i have to reach a certain lvl or something?
thanks :)
Yes, you will need the thieves' tools to find one of the eggs :) Kenneth is the only one who can equip them. They are considered miscellaneous items to equip. If you have the thieves' tools, then check the Bandit Cave again for a blue chest.
i have them, i am ia the cave but kenneth cant equip them..why is that?
You are unable to equip the item in the miscellaneous slot? Then this sounds like a bug >_< I will put this on my priority list of things to fix when I release the next patch.
thanx xathia!!! please fix the bug soon , so i can continue playing!! the game is so fun!!!
First I wanted to thank you for the game, and for sharing it with us all. I am enjoying it thoroughly!

I do have a question though, but I am not sure if I maybe did something out of order that caused it. When I first went to Gauromaund, and found the thieves in the bottom left corner, which is when Kenneth rejoined the party. I am in the bandit cave (after getting the 2 tasks from the Castle, find Rosemary and the King), and when I went through the exit at the top left (where the hermit is) and was fighting random encounters there, I noticed that a message would come up that Kenneth raised a level, but when I looked at his stats, it would say he did raise a level, but none of his other stats changed (example his HP remained at 41). Is this how it was intended or is it a bug/glitch?

Thank you once again for a wonderful game.
I've uploaded a new patch. To install, just unzip the files in the game's main installation folder. It will ask you to overwrite files. Choose 'Yes.'

ClassyLady565: Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you are enjoying the game :)
No, those aren't bugs. You are supposed to encounter monsters where the hermit is. Because of his class (rogue), Kenneth's HP raises very slowly. However, he more than makes up for it with his agility which makes him hard to get hit at times. Also, he almost always goes first in battle.
hello again!! i applied the thieves tools fix but nothing happened!!! also the i still cant equip the mace in the slot!!! did i do something wrong? i started the game from an earlier stage ( beforre the tools) but still nothing..:( hope its something simple that i need help to see..
gah, this is very weird how it's working for some but not for others. What is your email address so I can try and troubleshoot this a bit more closely before I release another patch?
morning xathia! my email:aggela37@hotmail.com..could you tell me how to apply the patch step by step, in case i am doing it al wrong? ( downloaded patch-coppied and pastied the files into the myth xaran folder- clicked yes to all when it asked to overwrite the files- started the game in an earlier stage) is it possible to sand me a saved file just before kenneth got the tools? thanx for your interest :)
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