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FBI Special Agent Desmond Miles was sent to Mystery Falls, a small town in the countryside of the Casa Island, to try and solve the disappearance of an M.I.A. agent, David Parker. He was investigating strange cases of people disappearing in this town, and he may have become a victim himself.
But Mystery Falls is not the only place that requires his attention, as a series of murders are also happening around the Casa Island.
As the investigation advances, it may get harder and harder to trust in the citizens of the island, as it seems that most of them have secret lives, and some of them may be involved in dirty deeds that may or may not be related to the main investigation.

Besides the detective work, Desmond will also have to show his manpower with his fists when in hostile places, like a laboratory and haunted mansion. He despise guns, so his fighting is done bare-hands using his special ability "FISTS OF FIRE", against all kinds of enemies, be it natural or supernatural. Is there a secret to his unusual strength?
This is an action-adventure, with heavy focus on exploration, puzzle-solving, detective work and character development. A mix of immersive story-telling with side-quests, dungeon-crawl and challenging boss fights.

Latest Blog

Well, it is a demo now.

Decided to keep working on it, so i'll just call what i released a 1.0 demo.
It has one ending, but i have written and planned more endings for the story, based on player choices and side-quests, so i'll just need to find the time to implement it.
Feedback is appreciated.