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Grab a friend and a sturdy keyboard and get ready for a fast-paced competitive couch (co-op?) fishing game where you jostle and thieve your way to victory!

The fishing staples:
Cast your line!
Wait for the bob to go up and down.
Reel in your catch!
Grab your fish before the other player can get to it.
Rinse and repeat.

In the meantime...
Elbow your opponent to cut their HP down.
Once their HP hits zero and they're stunned, steal fish from their bucket!
Watch your opponent's action bar and grab what they fish up right from under their noses!

And prevent your opponent from doing all the same to you...
Fend off and block elbows and attempted thievery, or pay the price in gills!

Most of the gameplay is already covered in the in-game tutorial, but here are some less-obvious strategical nuances to give you an edge over your competition. Just make sure your "competition" doesn't get ahold of this page, though!
  • You can block elbows at any time, so keep an eye on your line and your opponent's bar!
  • You can only steal fish when you're idling and not while you have a line out. So don't stun your opponent unless you have an opportunity to take advantage of it!
  • It is entirely possible to win this game without casting a single line. As long as you don't mind being hated afterwards, that is...

BGM by Eric Matyas, soundimage.org
SFX from bfxr and SoundBible, as well as various YouTube channels: Rap Pack, TP TUBE, Animal Jam
Fish (Puntius sarana from Kerala) by Viswaprabha
Fishing pole from StickPNG
Lake Cinemagraph from Giphy
Tin Bucket from CleverPatch

This game was created in 4 weeks for a semester final project.

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  • Completed
  • mjshi
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Action Simulation
  • 05/29/2018 03:12 AM
  • 05/31/2018 04:41 PM
  • 05/21/2018
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During the time when this project was being made, what takes up most time to setup? For something that's created within 4 weeks, it looks like a fun minigame with one hand control scheme. Clever thinking with ingame logic of elbow as the other hand while one holding the rod. Not even possible to elbow each other while holding a fish at the same time until a fish drops in the bucket. Paper thin fish physics was fun to watch when drops into/ outside of the bucket. xD

Presentation as well tutorial was short and sweet.
Jack of Most Trades
The hardest part to code was definitely the mechanics. A lot of the actions had to check not just their own but also the other person's current state. It also had to be done in one big chunk since if I coded some of the actions but not all of the actions I couldn't really test the game since the actions sometimes depended on other actions that I hadn't coded in yet. Mainly, it was just that I had to get a working prototype up and tweak it afterwards.

Glad you liked the game though!
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