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Progress Report

Finished game mechanics + DEMO

So, I've been tinkering on this game on and off since the end of the Seasons of RMN event, and I've made a lot of progress recently. The core game mechanics are approaching completion and I've worked hard on making sure all of them work perfectly in conjunction with each other and that there are no bugs in the system.

Here's a list of stuff I managed to improve:
-Guard shooting range has been increased to be as far as their detection range.
-Guards now have a proper cooldown between shots. Up until now once they started shooting they kept shooting nonstop until the player got out of range. This should reduce the amount of sound spam in the game.
-Made a small change to the guard's shooting sprite so that it doesn't look like they're sliding on the ground when moving a tile and taking aim at the player.
-The player can now shoot every guard they encounter without exception, unlike in the demo where one guard couldn't be shot at all. This was achieved thanks to some nifty changes in the way the game detects if a guard is hit or not.

Game mechanics that need to be added:
-Giving each guard their own pool of hitpoints.
-Adding an extra assault squad of guards that follow the player throughout the base if the player has been detected.
-Adding a different shooting sprite for each handgun the player can use.
-Adding a knife that can be activated with a different button than the handgun.
-Adding a laser sight to the handguns so the player knows their handgun's range.

I'm planning on releasing a new DEMO version of the game this weekend if everything goes well. It should be a massive improvement over the version I released for the event.
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