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Steam and Itch.IO versions released!

ECON is released! Multiplayer, new challenges, new boards, all of that.

We also have a Discord if you want to set up games with strange weirdos!

It's pretty nice having this released. I hope you like it. :)


STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/971780/ECON__Elemental_Connection/

ITCH: https://merlandese.itch.io/econ-elemental-connection

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Qu4Xf7w


Multiplayer Version (Steam, Itch.IO)

Hey, guys!

I've been working hard to release a multiplayer version of ECON for Steam and Itch.IO! And now it's ready! I'll be releasing it at the end of the month.

This version will have the base game (which will still be a free browser game) as well as online multiplayer and about 32 unique puzzle challenges. The Steam version has cheevos, too. :)


If anyone here works with Construct 2 on Mac and Linux, I'd also really be interested in picking your brain!

Thanks, folks! Tchau!
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