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Life Is Full Of Disappointments

So, this project has been around for a while and unfortunately while I appreciate the subscribers and downloads that it's gotten (it's certainly doing much better than its other half), they don't indicate the level of interest I was looking for to continue this project as a commercial game. And I stand by my resolution that this would be continued commercially, or not at all.

To a certain degree, I feel like I "failed" Road To Paradise by not hyping it or promoting it hard enough or often enough in the right places. I'm not going to beat myself up over this, but I will make a note to be more proactive about "marketing" any and all future projects. Finally, Road To Paradise shares a great deal of conceptual space with a project I'm working on in a non-RM, non-digital format, making it feel more than a little redundant in the face of that project.

As a result, I am putting this game project on Hiatus as soon as I'm done with this post. A friend told me that (I'm paraphrasing) nothing is ever gained by cancelling something or deleting it, because leaving yourself the option to go back and pick up a project years later has no downsides, so that is why Road To Paradise will be on Hiatus, not Cancelled.

Don't get me wrong, I hugely appreciate the comments, feedback, and reviews that I've gotten. I am very grateful to everyone who played this, especially if they found the time to tell me what they thought.

Sorry to any of you who were still interested in/anticipating this project. I have at least one or two projects that I'm at least several months remiss in uploading game pages for: hopefully one of those will grab your attention like it did mine.

Game on!
- StormCrow