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Programming and level design by MatthewRPG
Artwork and sprites by Raganoxer
Story was a combined effort by the both of us

This game features gruesome imagery, violence, and coarse language!

Basic Rundown
Konazi Island is the story of a young ugly kid and his journey to take down a militant band of fish-like humanoids known as The Gold Team, encountering many rivals and few friends along the way.
You live on a secluded island, far from civilized land, with a handful of rejects like yourself to call your neighbors and family. One day, however, the lifestyle of being the town errand boy meets an abrupt end as an expedition up a mountain leads you to encounter the new kids in town, The Gold Team, and they're after some simple-minded livestock. These guys mean business, and you'll go from a world of carefree fun to a world of hurt the second you try messing with them; but with innocent lives on the line and a mystery to get to the bottom of, you're not left with much choice.
Will you prove victorious, or crumble under the pressure?

Notable Inspirations:
-OFF and HOME (The large focus on puzzles and the protagonist wielding a baseball bat)
-LISA the Painful RPG (The choices that mean something as well as affect game play instead of just story)
-Earthbound/Mother 3 (The art style)
-Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (The ocean setting... not much else, though)
-Spongebob Squarepants (see above) (also a few jokes too)
-Jak II for the tone and inspiration for the protagonist's lingo

The demo will feature:
-The first 3 chapters and first act of the game
-An length of roughly 10-15 hours
-A taste of what will come later <3

The full game will feature:
-9 chapters split into 3 acts.
-An estimated length of roughly 40-50 hours.
-Difficult battles that test your ability to consider your actions and deal with rough situations.
-Overworld battles (that don't just take you into a battle screen).
-Puzzles that make you think and use the world around you to your advantage.
-Pretty much no teammates with a few minor exceptions here and there.
-An interesting and dynamic story with twists and elements that cause you to question how much hatred can do to you.

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