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Camouflage is a Mystery RPG game with the evidence objective to solve a mystery 'Case.' You are a police officer who seeks pieces of evidence to reveal the suspect.

The game revolves around the residence of the Ellios' family where an old man was suspected to get lost and never be found. The couple who owns the house was missing with their son. There was no evidence that there was theft nor homicide.

Together with Ruth, Saim, Brick, and Hector-four investigators tasked to solve this case with you, unfold the story behind this case. And decide your ending.


To navigate, use the arrow keys: Up, Down, Left, and Right. To confirm, press 'z' or 'Return/Enter' button. 'Esc/X' button to cancel.


This game is not that easy as it looks. You need a strategy. You need thinking, and logical skills to put the pieces together and solve the case. Be observant and navigate the objects. Investigate all possible places to get the clues. Once you gather enough clues (Clues can be seen on the menu), you can write your thoughts/suspect on a piece of paper on the second floor of the Ellios' residence.

There are different endings in the game once you have completed specific 'special events' (which are mostly hard to get). Different endings have different perspectives of the game which reveals more of the story in the game.

If you are courageous enough, try to complete all endings.

Watch Trailer #1 here:

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Watch Video Sample here:

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Latest Blog

Discover More of the Past - Camouflage: Case 01 Update 2.0.0 with RTP

Oh-you're here again?

Hello there!

This is Harayasoft's representative speaking.

Glad you're here <player's name>!

We've yet developed the best version so far and we've added multiple stuff in Camouflage: Case 01 and it's all thanks to all the players who came up with their constructive criticism and suggestions.

So, what have we added today? Well, we discovered a lot of idle events (we call it that because these were events that were put in the game, but cannot be triggered due to bugs).


We've watched game reviews on Youtube about Camouflage and we are thankful to people who cared enough to send us their thoughts about the game.

Here are the newest improvements as of today:

1.) Spelling and grammar Check! (I hope we're doing good so far)

2.) Items are now showing up in the "Clues" menu. (Yay!)

3.) The SECRET Code system.

We added informational improvements in the game and one of them is the secret codes system. Solve the secret code markings in the Ellios' residence and unravel the truth!

4.) What's in the past?

Discover more about each character's past. Learn more about the missing boy, what happened to him, and how he went missing.

5.) We also added better explanations in the game (without spilling everything, come one...it's a mystery game).

You read it right. We keep all the information controlled. Cannot spill it out all at once.

Long before these updates, we've promised players that we will make another chapter for this game.

Hopefully, you'll get the explanation on "what happened" and also the "how".

Thank You for Playing!

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  • 06/10/2018 12:25 AM
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  • 12/28/2016
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Its a whodunnit mystery solving game. Events do not appear to be set on a linear progression, so I ended up having to find loads of evidences even after already knowing who the killer was. The author likes to hide important evidences on the upper tiles of bookshelves which would be unreachable in most typical RPG maker games, so you have to search both tiles of all the book shelves. There is also a mouse hole that is placed in a very dark wall that is almost impossible to see. If you try this game, good luck trying to reach the ending(s).
We have made major changes in the game.
Play it now and enjoy the experience of being a detective.
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