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Made for RMN's 11th birthday (make a dumb game). So I made the worst possible thing ever - a skinner box!

This particular skinner box is designed to look like a parody of an MMO and is presented as a text base game. For flavour only there are eight playable races and fifteen playable classes. The contest had a deadline of eleven hours so I didn't have time at the end to add some flavour messages based on your race and class.

Anyway I hope you both enjoy and hate this game at the same time,

For more information about skinner boxes see:

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  • 06/10/2018 01:54 PM
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I should have made it clearer that the game released content to the players over time but 11 hours. Glad you liked it, I really enjoyed the setup of it all, would have been fun to make it a bit more like Kingdom of Loathing if I'd have had the time. As for the ending, how do you end an mmo? I like to think I captured that essence of a dying mmo in the second year.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This was really nice! I felt like keeping on going. I assume level cap is 60, and item level cap is 100?

This skinner box worked on me and it was really stat-isfying. Thanks ^_^

Edit: NVM! I just got to Item level 105. I suppose there's more.

Edit 2: Haha! I see what happened to this site now. Sad fate when someone forgets to tend to a game and it goes unnoticed. (Great ending though :))
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