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A perfectly dumb game.

The games for the "everybody make a dumb game" contest are kind of an enigma to look at. There's so many of the games that try and be zany or random, and it isn't really clear if that's a good or bad thing due to the circumstances of the contest. Mr. Bun-Bun's Pastel Adventure, luckily, doesn't rely on the questionable crazy decisions as others do.

This game is dumb. You play as a bunny, get "joy crystals" and uncover a conspiracy plot revolving around a corrupt church, and nothing is ever explained so far as to make me feel like a cohesive plot was unfolding. This is, however, exactly what a dumb game should be. No part of this game left me feeling like it was placed there at the last minute in a desperate attempt to make me think it was funny, and nothing made me feel like it had some greater meaning as if any part of this was important.

The environment is exactly what you would expect from a game with "Mr. Bun-Bun" in the title, with surprisingly live environments with plenty to interact with, even if that only meant a text box coming up. Nothing really felt like a chore or made me feel annoyed, and everything was incredibly straight forward, especially finding the 3 endings which I was worried would be convoluted. I was very glad to find out that I wouldn't have to solve 10 minute puzzles for this joke game. (Not that, of course, being a joke game is an inherently bad thing.)

It made me laugh, and I feel like it handled comedy better than games that try and throw a joke into every text box. Due to the small number of gags in here, the ones that did appear were unexpected and slightly hilarious.

I spent more time writing this dumb review than I did playing the game. 3.5 outta 5, it did exactly what it needed to do, not much more, and luckily not less. I would recommend playing it if you have 5-10 minutes to burn.