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Tempus I is a game about a young Clock who ran out of his favorite food in his home and decided to go out on his own to get some, taking his pet bird Wheely along with him. The resulting adventure is a convoluted mess involving monsters, glitches, a robot overlord and not much time spent getting around, strangely enough. It culminates in... Wait, I can't tell you that. It'd spoil the game.

This game takes place in a fantasy-ish universe made mostly up on the spot with a little influence from an all-too-familiar semi-monochromatic french game. You know the one. Not only that, the color pallet of the universe is completely messed up in comparison to ours (Did I hear someone say "Yellow Trees"?). And there aren't any cars, so if you want to get from place to place across land, you're gonna have to walk.

...did...Did I do that right?

...anyways, In Short: It's a game about a child going off on a random adventure. It can't get any better than that.

Coming sometime soon w/in the next year or so.

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