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First, I'd like to take a quick second to thank you for checking out my game! This is my first ever game I've been dedicated to seeing to the end. After several prototypes and code testing, I've finally found it in me to create a completed piece. Thanks for reading my short shpeal. Now, to the actual game information.

Aggie has spent almost an entire year inside of her home due to a prior trauma that happened to her. Although her parents never disclosed what had happened to her, Aggie was always curious. She tried to question her parents about everything that happened. Even just asking for something small to go on. Her parents always looked frightened when the topic came up and would never say a word. One fateful day she found a note from her mom saying they'd be gone the whole day. This was her once in a lifetime chance. She absolutely had to find out.

In this game, you'll follow Aggie as she solves odd puzzles set up by her parents as well as codes left around her house.

  • Custom Graphics & Sprites

  • Side-scroller-esque style

  • Puzzles

  • Gameplay (planned to be) 15-20 minutes

  • More to come

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It looks amazing! Good luck with your game :3
It looks amazing! Good luck with your game :3

Thank you very much <33
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