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Progress Report

Update 7

Since the last update, a lot of things have happened. I've officially moved all of my game files over to my working computer and have been steadily working on updating everything.

The biggest update, I feel, is with Aggie's design and her story. I've actually decided to completely write out the "script" as a story which will make things a lot easier to go alone with when implementing it into game form. I may even include the story itself as something for players to access at the end. I also may include a collection of images from the first version of the game that won't make it into the final cut.

Due to the rewrite of the story, I even ended up adding an additional character and an additional scene to the game. Said character will not be listed on the page as it is an important story element. I'll probably include their information in with the additional images.

You can view Aggie's updated pixel design below. I'll upload her official art as an image soon.

Anyway, thank you for being patient with me!

Progress Report

Update 6

It's been close to two months since I've posted updates on here about the game. There a couple of reasons of why that is and that's what I'm here to talk about.

The first reason is the computer with all the game files and such is actually messed up right now. I'm still working out what the problem is but because of that I've been a bit unsure about touching the game while it's on the fritz. I do plan on moving everything to my other computer, but that hasn't happened yet.

Second reason is simple, life has gotten in the way. Starting college, family, etc.

The last and pretty big reason is I am unsatisfied with the game itself right now. I was so excited to get out a demo and finally release this game that I didn't fully think through all the demo puzzles and story points. In its current state, things don't feel right to me and generally doesn't feel cohesive at all.

So, the game is going to go through a story update. I may even update the character design again as it currently makes no sense story wise either. I'm going to make sure I plan out everything correctly and that the story makes sense all together.

Thank you for being patient!

Progress Report

Update 5

Quick update

The demo release is being held off as of now. There are many things happening in my personal life that is affecting game progress. I got sick for almost a week, then some more personal matters happened, so just a lot occurred while demo testing was happening. Due to this, I'm unsure when the demo will be released. Thankfully some progress has been made, though in small amounts. Things will continue to move forward after personal stuff is taken care of.

Progress Report

Update 4

Back with another update! I'd like to start out and say a demo is very well on its way. The base for it has been completed and I'm onto beta testing. A couple of my friends are helping me with this thankfully and now I'm working on revising it. I'll continue to beta test this demo until everything is just how I like it.

So far the demo seems to be within the range 10-12 minutes long if you speed through it, maybe a little bit longer if you take your time. The longest time was about 20-30 minutes (they had a lot of trouble with the puzzles LOL.) Though it's a bit longer than I expected, I think it's a great start to the game though needs to be fleshed out a little bit more.

The demo itself should be out fairly soon thanks to this. I'm excited to get this out and see everyone's thoughts on it. So I hope you guys stay tuned for the demo!

Maps/Rooms: 100%
Room Graphics: 95%
Other Graphics: 40%
Events/Text: 30%
Music/Sounds: 40%

Progress Report

Update 3

I can finally say that all the main graphics for the game are complete! The last little bit of graphics to work on is for the complete end game but right now I would like to focus on a demo. Though, this means I can continue working on scripting and setting up the 'core' of the game. With the graphics majorly out of the way, I can focus on the core and possibly get out a demo! From where it's looking the demo might just be the first five minutes. This time frame could extend past that but it's looking like five minutes as of right now. Also! I've updated the sprite for aggie. The original one was starting to look rough around the edges so I decided to spruce it up a bit. Here's a standing still image of what she looks like now:

That's just about all I've got to mention, so see you next update!

Maps/Rooms: 100%
Room Graphics: 95%
Other Graphics: 20%
Events/Text: 15%
Music/Sounds: 10%

Progress Report

Update 2

It's been a while since I posted an update so here I am with one! Like I said in the previous post, I do have a lot of personal stuff happening so progress is a bit slow but I can confidently say that the room graphics will be finished fairly soon and I can start work on the core of the game! Yay for eventing and storytelling.
I do plan on releasing a demo but I actually need to complete all the graphics before I can release it! I started every room out of order and the beginning room has some finishing touches as well as some eventing that needs to get done. The demo will hopefully be about half/less than half of the game depending on how long the game actually turns out to be.

Maps/Rooms: 100%
Room Graphics: 85%
Other Graphics: 15%
Events/Text: 10%
Music/Sounds: 5%

This is about all that I've got to talk about so see ya next time!

Progress Report


I've been working diligently to continue making progress on this game. Though, sadly, I do have things outside of the game that takes priority which is slowing production down. Still, I have tried to make progress here and there when I can. If you didn't notice I put out an image of the finished kitchen. Obviously, I won't put out any more of the rooms as I want them to be experienced through the game. So I came here to make a post about all that's in progress and whats happening. All these percentages are estimates, not taking into consideration possible revamping.

Maps/Rooms: 100%
Room Graphics: 60%
Other Graphics: 10%
Events/Text: 10%
Music/Sounds: 5%

I'm trying to work on all graphics before I even touch the events and aesthetics of anything else. The graphics are more important to me right now that I get them right and where I want them. Eventing isn't as hard as creating each and every graphic from scratch, for this game that is. Anyway, that's it for this update. Thanks for reading!
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