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A child is plagued by a violent, mythical being, called The Babadook. Even transferring to a new school doesn't help. As the child, you make choices that could either lead to your bitter end, or to the sealing of The Babadook for good so that it will never trouble anyone again.

Made for the Release the Dead event.
The full version with be released in August of 2024
Have fun with it I hope you enjoy the demo!


The Player - the player is based on you the one playing the game.

Daniel - The first student you meet in the game.

Jane - A short haired girl that player becomes friends with.

Cindy - She is the new girl.

Ace - The class clown, he likes Cindy.

Lucy - Daniel's girlfriend, she is a ditsy blonde.

Players Mom - The players mother.

Players Dad - The players father, he is always at work.

The Babadook - A evil being that is a mythical creature.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Ooo, interesting!
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El_WaKa what do you mean?

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