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This game contains strong language

Ever since I was 13 I drew maps of made up places for fun. Usually being inspired
by Lord of the Rings. When I got ahold of RPG Maker for the first time, I made a
joke game based off my friends and I during highschool but then realised I could
bring some of or all of my maps into life by creating a serious game based off them.

So I upgraded and got RPG Maker MV and picked my favourite map of a place called
Gradus and decided to make White Tower. The idea behind the game is the player can do whatever they want. They can help the rich, influential and powerful individuals within the Kingdoms and Dominions of Gradus, explore uncharted places, help the poor and needy, or bring destruction to as many things as they can.

The game is in development, but I will be posting updates as they come. Please keep in mind this is literally the second game I've ever made, so don't expect some flashy,impressive game made by a blind monk in the mountains. That being said, I want to try and make the game as well made as I can within my ability. If anyone wants to help during development that would be really appreciated! I don't need any developers, because I'm developing this in my own time strictly and I wouldn't want someone else building the story for a world that I created. Help can range from custom character art to music. This is all non profit, so any contributions are kinda like donations. I won't pay you for any of these, but I will make sure to credit any contributors in big fat bold letters so that everyone knows how cool you are.


Gradus is a big country with five major dominions and two major wildernesses or "Wildlands". The Dominions are the Kingdom of Westland,the Republic of Eastshore, the White State of Midshore and the Imperial States of Greenplains and Casorme. The year is 87 A.W.E, A.W.E meaning "After White Empire" which was a huge Empire that began in Midshore's capital city, White Tower. Unfortunately, the Empire became corrupt and eventually crumbled 87 years ago and ushered in a new era of Gradus where no one person ruled over the major dominions.

In the current year, the Empire of the South (The State of Greenplains and Casorme) is at war with the White State of Midshore, the descendant state of the White Empire. After the Kingdom of Greenplains explored what was once known as the "South Wildlands" and created the Realm of Casorme, their eyes have been set on the rest of Gradus as they believe that by conquering the entire continent they will bring back their beloved God, the Immortal King, to the mortal plane and bring a new, infinite era of peace.

However, there are many people who believe that their war with Midshore is not because of their religion, but to squash the remnants of what was the White Empire, as the people of Greenplains suffered greatly at the hands of the White Empire, which would explain why they have shown no intent to invade the other dominions.

The Setting

Gradus is currently experiencing conflict, a conflict which may or may not be influenced by you. As the player, you can decide if you want to try and change what is happening, fan the flame or simply witness it as it naturally inflates. But even if you do try to influence it, it's another matter entirely if you actually will. You are not a hero, a champion or a 'chosen one'. You start off simply collecting the bounty for a local group of bandits near Wildgate in the Kingdom of Westland. It's up to YOU who you want to be.

Latest Blog

Beta 0.41 - Progress Report - Sapphire Port

Sappgire Port has been added! This blog is in a bit of a rush, but I'm just letting you guys know that the first city in Eastshore is more or less complete. I still need to add a few more quests and other things, but it's functional and comes with some more gameplay.

Stay tuned for the next updates until 0.5 is released!

- Kleos

Beta 0.41
- Sapphire Port added
- New companion added
- Sapphire Quest 1 added
- Proficiencies added
- Wildgate redesigned
- Various bug fixes