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Alpha 0.34 - Progress Report - Polish and quests!

  • Kleos
  • 09/13/2018 02:55 PM
So the part that I'm most excited about is the new images that show up when you create a character. I'm considering adding images such as this to other moments when the screen would otherwise go black...

Character creation was once just a black screen with text showing up saying "What class are you?" or something like that.

Now it looks like this:

Image Credit

Image Credit

Image Credit

While it's a fairly small addition in terms of technical achievement, it's still a great addition and really makes character creation 10x more interesting.

I have also improved the animation for SOME skills, I may have missed some which I will fix over time, but the solution for the issue which showed characters doing what looked like a magical spell when they were doing "Double Strike" has been found and has been implemented so that characters will instead show their weapon when they attack, not magical effects.

Three quests have been completed in 0.34! Stonewall is now officially COMPLETE!
Hawkpeak has still got a few bugs that need polishing (mostly in the Arena) but that it's 100% functional and works fine. I have also added a low level quest to Borderguard as it seemed to be difficult to get into the fun quests at the start before.

Next on the list will be completing Borderguard (The general shop and the magic shop are not finished), polishing the Hawkpeak Arena, creating Gryphon's Keep (The Royal Palace of Westland) and creating Lord's Gate - the last city!

- Kleos

Changelog Alpha 0.34
- Character Creation Images Added
- Borderguard Inn added
- Melee Skills animation improved
- Categorized Trust System Added
- Borderguard Quest 1 Added and Completed
- Borderguard Northguard HQ Added
- Northguard Sprites completed
- Traveler's Guild Quest 2 completed
- Stonewall Quest 2 Completed
- Various bug fixes


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I should note that I am looking for potential contributions for the artworks for the Character Creation images.

PM me if you're interested!

I need images for:

Lady Dawn
Immortal King


- Kleos
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