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A 15-year-old girl named Airi somehow walked into another world.
In this fantasy world she met her school mate Luca, who seemed to have discovered this place before her, and then a girl named Lillian, who had the same face with her.
Lillian was a young knight and preparing for her first quest, therefore Airi and Luca joined her party, hoping to find the legendary time mage to send them home.
However, when the shortcut in the forest was found to be blocked, they took another mysterious path, and encountered a hermit...
Together, they were surely going to have a great adventure.

+ A casual JRPG
+ Turn-based battle system. No random encounter.
+ A colourful fantasy world with original art and music
+ Familiar faces?
+ Multiple ends
+ Outfits, classes, recepies and fishing!
+ Something more will unlock after finishing the demo.

Progress: 20%
The demo contains the first two chapters. You will meet the 4 playable characters, visit the city and a forest, have many side quests and a boss fight.

OS: Windows/MAC
Genre: JRPG
Estimated Playtime: 2-3 hours
Language: English/简体中文

+ Instruction +
Use the arrow keys to control the character, Hold SHIFT to run. (Mouse will only work on some of the menus).

Z/SPACE: investigate or talk.
X/ESC: open menu
F4: full screen F5: back to title.

Some items will not function automatically. Players should select the item from the menu to use them.
There is a Hidden Room (and more?) available after the demo is finished. Please select “New Game” to enter.

☆ ☆ ☆

Hope you enjoy the demo!

Tumblr (devblog) | Twitter | Ko-fi

Latest Blog

Airi‘s Adventure Demo is updated!

The demo contains the first two chapters of The Other: Airi's Adventure.

The save data can be used in the full version now!
Copy the save data in www/save to the full version to continue the adventure.
It can be used in both Steam version and Light version.

Steam Store | Itch.io

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  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/01/2018 02:37 PM
  • 10/18/2019 01:42 PM
  • 09/30/2019
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Pages: 1
Yay! With adorable monsters!
Looks great! Can't wait to try this out. Good luck!
Oh with battles... :(


Yay! With adorable monsters!

I do enjoy drawing them! Pixel monsters XD

Looks great! Can't wait to try this out. Good luck!

Thank you! I'll keep working!
Came here 'cause TVTropes Characters page for "Trick & Treat" pointed me saying that this was a sequel.

Gonna correct that once I find the right terms.

Nice music and art!

Textboxes seems like it needs more contrast if I'm not playing fullscreen.


Lol! Riku and his unpaired socks! Niice!


Typos, but this is an almost year old demo. Likely some of these have been fixed?:

Item Menu:

recipe > Recipe


Typo after the gate:

"It feels too quite here" > "It feels too quiet here"


First Battle Enemy name:

Kight > Knight


Item name:

Mobil Phone > Mobile Phone


Second screen of town:

Boy in Reading > Reading Boy


Rightmost Bar Guest:

hand-cooked > home-cooked


Completed First Quest, from Airi:

Wow that' s very nice of you > Wow, that's very nice of you


End of first day:

impossile > impossible


Beginning of next day:

Oh Luca, it' s you > Oh Luca, it's you


Elemental Mage description:

"an Elemental Book is required to use Elemtntal Power.


"an Elemental Book is required to use Elemental Power.


Post-registering conversation:

equipments > equipment


Librarian message:

keep quite > keep quiet


Knight in shop's dialogue is a little bit too long for the text box.


Forest entrance knight:

giong > going


Antidote recipe has no description?


Apprentice Alchemist Scolding is too long for text box.


The Wanted Thief Completion is still in Chinese.


Reading Boy's message is undefined after getting Lillian.


Should stop and get back to troping Charlotte / Amelia games. Unless you want me to trope this now, pre-commercial release?


Can't leave after it's too quiet... Hmm.

Oooh! Great plot! Nice sprinkles of humor!

Looping space!

Took me a little while to go right.

And can't leave without talking! :)


Weird Coding

Activating the Pocket Money in front of Barkeep doesn't work, but it does if I use it in the guest section??


I don't have to use the hat. Probably should, just for the defense though.

I can even have them take off their clothes and shoes... Uhh... Okkkay.


Large Gap between the bench save point and the next one?


More notes:

oooh! Time actually passes sensibly! Cool!

And Inn's cost has been accounted for!

I was hoping Airi's phone would be an Elemental Electricity Book or something, but no. Ah well.


Weird. I can fight the apprentice alchemist. Why?! ... And that was a bad idea. I guess my rep went down. Restarting day...


BLT is OP! At this level it's a full restore! I guess it helps keep me from dying too often without a close savepoint!


Big Tomato sprite is big and scary! Not gonna take it on until I heal up!


I wish I knew that Alchemist Scolding option was that, but my progress made makes me not want to reset anymore, and just take it as as it does. Lucky I chose a good option.


What?! I made the SP potions but can't use them?


Was hunting for Giant Tomato, and gave up when I went to fight mysterious person. Then I find Giant Tomato hiding in the corner...

And my Rep went up from beating it. I guess it's a sorta boss.

Barely took damage, so gonna try Mysterious Guy when I'm at LV5...

Defeated him! ... I completed Lillian's quest in a day!


OH... You can save with the menu! I thought it was save points only! *sigh*... Well, gonna retry for a Deathless Chapter 2 tomorrow, maybe.


Gonna go check the Steam Demo...
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