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Iris of Emillion (Working title).

Game Type: Explorer/Story Experience.

Playtime: Approximately 25-30 minutes.

Follow the events of a mysterious woman who refers to herself as 'Iris of Emillion', through the dark town of Fai Lenora and what lies beyond.
This is an old game, so don't take it as my current standards as well as this being my first attempts of capturing an atmosphere.
Most of this is unfinished as I don't have plans to continue this, but I hope everyone else can enjoy it.
Hopefully this time the submission will work :).

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Yes, I suppose it is time I went down this path. This game gets hardly ANY attention from me. I don't really do anything with it, and when I do, it's usually just something little like correcting a small mapping error, or fixing dialogue.
Anyways - I won't make this a long-winded post. I'll just say that I'm actually surprised that this game got the number of downloads it did, even though it is bugged to the wall XD. I'm thinking of making one final release in the near future that fixes a lot of things (such as the stupid fog overlay scrolling off the screen (which is due to how stupid RM2K3 works, as it doesn't allow pictures to continue what they're doing whilst a text box appears!), and fixing the dialogue up so it isn't so painful to read), and is a little longer (with a few new areas and secrets, etc).
So, it is about time I cancelled this sucker and focused all my attention onto other worth-while projects.

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  • 03/27/2009 06:41 PM
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