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Originally made for RPGMaker.net’s 11th birthday event, ie Make a Dumb Game Event. Since then I have added another waifu to woo, many new rooms to enter, upgraded the inventory/gift giving system, added a ghetto combat system that gets used a grand total of once, a couple minor bug fixes, and a lot more text. The DUMB has been preserved, because Anime.

The goal is to find love before the school day ends. It is the last day before summer vacation so you have to hurry! (There is no real time limit, it’s only a story thing.) Pickup gifts and give them to a lucky gal(s). Explore everywhere and remember that your stats matter. Some options are only available or change depending on how high or low they are.


Customizable portrait, stats, name, viewable relationship screen, inventory system, and more.

2 gals to woo, 2 main endings, 1 lonely ending, and a couple bad endings. End them all!

Schoolboi Pacaman- This is YOU! An alpaca of discerning tastes of the human variety. While stuck after school for failing to do your homework you decide to pursue your sexy teacher! Will you win her heart? Who knows!?

Friend- This is your friend. He’s kind of a leech, but he’s your best bud. Alas he gets no booty in this game. For some reason he knows spicy kung fu. (Maybe in a previous alpha, I mean life, he was a Garuda or Phoenix.)

Childhood Friend- She is a bit weird, but has a winning smile. You’ve known her since forever. She likes to bake weird takoyaki bagels.

Miss Granger- An important teacher at...whatever this school is. She knows how to bring out enthusiasm in her students. For some reason there is a significantly higher amount of male students who request her class.

Nerds- The school has a lot of them. They are easy prey for the charming or the violent.

Bullies- They roam the school racking up Extra Curricular Credits. Also lunch money.

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This is.. err.. interesting. I DID love the teacher route tho ahahahaha.
My mind is full of fuck.
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