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...Is it a choose your own adventure pamphlet? Is it an interactive experience? A short story? Something dumb?

It is ALL of those things, and MORE! (There's nothing more).

Made for the Theme Roulette game jam, where a word was assigned to people so they could make a game centered around it, this short entry which is little more than a string of cutscenes, no longer than 10 minutes of your time, revolves around the word "stone".

"What is the meaning of this empty existence? Do we have a reason for being? How can we, in this inexorable passing of time, change the lives of the puerile creatures that roam the world that I am not allowed to gaze upon?"

These are the thoughts of a particularly troubled stone, as it lays immobile in some grassy meadow. Time is one resource stones have lots of, and this stone might just be lucky enough to change the fates of two young lovers, as it wades through complex stony thoughts.

• Double click on the installer and choose a path of extraction.
• Open Rock Hard's folder and double click on Game.exe

Made by Karimn DKI

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Earthy tones. Check+
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
What... in the world just happened? This was like some absurdist Monty Python-esque stuff combined with the weirdest moments of Twin Peaks. Something only a Mirak could make. I... don't know what to say! Rock Hard left me speechless in a time where speech is all I have to give. I don't even know who I say or what I is any moment. Please, rock! Rock hard away and make me some thing again!

edit: I want some of what Taylor Slow (!) drinks every morning...
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Thanks a lot for your feedback Cash, your heartfelt inclination to give me a few seconds of your time puts you way above in my list of "things and people I truly appreciate but don't know how to properly respond to".
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