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The concept I had to work with was fairly simple, somehow incorporate Irritation into a storyline, but I was stumped for about half a day or so. After giving it a bit of thought and deciding it was a bad idea to irritate the players, I settled on a plot event that involves irritation. I used one of Cherry's turn-based patches so everything runs in proper turn order with no ATB, which can make battles very hard, because fast heroes don't pre-empt attacks (for reference, I died against a group of rats). There are only two characters, so the game is pretty hard.

Parsley (yes, that is his name) has a slight, but very annoying problem. Due to a freak fire, his girlfriend Akuma, who was previously living in a separate house, is forced to move in with him. Akuma is sweet and kind, and he loves her, but she has a number of bizarre quirks that make him unable to properly live with her. His quest is to find parts to build her a new house.

Update: The battle system works slightly differently from before. Essentially, I was having trouble keeping Akuma from basically messing up the battle, since Parsley was a red mage with some support spells and infinite magic, which Akuma ran out of energy too easily (Mana Potions exist but are rare and expensive). So, now my battle system mainly involves him about to transfer MP a little at a time. Since her attacks are expensive, it can sometimes take up to six turns to get certain attacks to work. Also, I'm in the process of renaming Akuma to better match in theme with Parsley.

Update: Apparently there were some issues with the name change, so I changed it AGAIN. Now she's Ginger. Because it fits (she's a ginger). I also removed the incidence of party surround (initiative doesn't actually work in the turn-based system).

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...Never thought I'd see Shirayuki on rpgmaker.net
I need to watch the anime. I just saw it from "red haired anime" search and it was cute. But now that the game is done, I'm gonna check it out. Kinda reverse order, but thanks for telling me what anime this girl is from.
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