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Here are a list of the playable characters. Hopefully this page can help you in choosing which character to use.

Luke - The main character. Summoned by the King, using a magic crystal. Has no memory of where he is from.

Strengths - has various skills, including healing, magic attacks, and unique physical skills.
Weaknesses - Starts off very weak, but can raise stats from training.

Slimee - Luke's slime! Always by his side!

Strengths - Carries over experience, but levels slowly. Regenerates HP
Weaknesses - Can't use much equipment. A little weak.

Brianna - Part of the Royal Guard. One of the strongest knights in the kingdom. Can break rocks, and other barriers.

Strengths - Strong physical attacks, can counter attack.
Weaknesses - Not much MP, weaker to magic attacks.

Lilian - a mage from a poor village. Likes to mix potions.

Strengths - strong magic, including skills to hit all enemies (only one who can without waiting for TP to charge). Can remove magic barriers.
Weaknesses - Weak to physical attacks.

Sylvia - An elf sent from Alcorna Forest. Misses her home. Can talk to animals.

Strengths - Healing, protective and holy magic. Immune to poison and blind.
Weaknesses - Low attack.