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The Story
You are an repairman on the great ship known as the SS Titenic. While you are doing a daily checkup in the basement of the ship, it hits an iceberg and water fills plenty of the floor you are on as Titenic starts to sink. Also, it just so happens that some of the doors in the basement of the Titenic has bombs hidden under them (you forgot the layout in the stress of them situation), and the ice-cold water is filled with blood-thirsty sharks. Luckily, though, you instantly come back to life at the farthest point from the exit of the ship.

The Goal
Your goal is to escape the Titenic before it sinks to the bottom of the sea forever (while also in one piece!). That's kinda it.

To start the game once it boots up the start menu, press the space button. After that, the game is controlled through WASD controls. It's as simple as it sounds. Note that you must avoid all of the blue (it's shark-infested ice cold water, you dip!) and that some of the doors have bombs hidden under, which can blow you up and make you come back to life all the way to the beginning again.It's a good thing you have infinite lives in this case.

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