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The Pale City is a story-driven, dark fantasy RPG with an emphasis on characterization and atmosphere. Explore a dangerous, morally complex world where every detail is personal.

A world where children aren’t born—they crawl out of tunnels in the ground. A lone city, beneath the gaze of a silent god, home to strange cults who eat the dead. The Pale City is the story of a mercenary hired to find the last, most powerful artifact of a sorcerer who disappeared lifetimes ago. But the search pits him against powerful people in hidden places, towards a secret buried somewhere in terrible darkness.

An Unconventional, Character-Driven Story: Written and designed by novelist Kyle Muntz, The Pale City tells the story of one man’s struggle against a merciless world and the emptiness inside himself.

A Sense of Place: Discover a city ravaged by time, cruelty, and the cold silence of apathetic gods.

An Attention to Detail: Every NPC has a unique personality; every line of description tells something important about the world.

The Price of Survival: Tense, unforgiving combat that rewards close observation and careful use of skills, where a single mistake can mean defeat.

No Grinding: Every battle is unique and necessary.

A Solitary Journey: Can you survive, alone and outnumbered, when even your friends seek to destroy you?

For those interested in more information, please do check the website, here: https://thepalecity.com/

Or on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1196580/The_Pale_City/

Latest Blog

Demo and Trailer Release!

Today is a big day for The Pale City. The demo is finally up, and I would be very excited to hear from anyone who checks it out. (And, for those interested in playing the full game, I'm still busily hunting for proof-readers/beta-testers.)

Also first trailer for the Pale City is now on Youtube! This one is meant to show the atmosphere of the game. Please check it out, here:


The game is proceeding steadily towards its release this March, so there will be quite a few updates coming soon!
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