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The pseudo-visual novel sequel to the first Fishing Minigame is here! The hero Roselle decides to re-visit the Fishing Shrine to have a good time and finds herself enraptured by the minigame, to the dismay of the shrine's sage and another visitor. Dark Lord? Who cares about that fella?

  • Small cast of characters and only one room - minimalism!

  • Four main endings, two special ones, and twenty-two side endings; I loved Nier: Automata too much.[

  • Soundtrack made up of music by Monplaisir Loyalty Freak Music

This game was made in response to RPG Maker's One Room Challenge. To get around the limitations of the challenge, the player learns passwords and password pieces to continue the story and unlock side-content.

(While the events of the first Fishing Minigame are mentioned, if you want to check that out, I suggest checking out the version of itch.io since it's playable in the browser.)

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