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Missed a single ending!

Way better than the original. Does not actually contain a fishing minigame.

Let's start this review with a bit of background information about the game. FIshing Minigame 2 is a sequel to a very low quality visual novel - playable here - but you don't really need to have played it to enjoy this game. Having said that the original only takes a few minutes. Secondly this game was made with several restrictions in mind, the main one is that the entire game had to take place on one map. I confess I went into this game expecting very little after playing through the first game but I found myself pleasently surprised and ended up enjoying this game.

Personally I like to think Fighter and Black Mage are still looking for the Armor of Invincibility.

Fishing Minigame 2 initially offers a linear path through the game until you complete it (each run of the game should take no more than a few minutes), at various points through the game you are able to enter passwords which change how the story goes, unlock the menu, skip one of cutscenes you have seen before, change your playable character etc. Upon completing a run of the game you'll either get a new password or a hint at one of four passwords that you complete by trying out every combination of passwords through the story.

Better than the Star Wars special.

Speaking of the story without giving too much away I hope; you are the hero, you have single handedly punched all the Dark Lord's minions until they were defeated. But you're a completionist and in the original visual novel you have to complete one final sidequest - the fishing minigame - to get your last weapon. While fishing you end up re-evaluating your life e.g. what you're going to do once the dark lord is defeating. This game follows on from that with you still looking for answers and returning to your fishing.

The game has over twnety endings. My total time was about an hour and three quarters, in that time I believe I found every ending but one (the ending I didn't manage to find should give the clue that the 4th letter of a 7 letter word is D), I thought I had it but then I got an ending with no additional clues because who would think to romance what you think is yourself? I enjoyed my time playing fishing minigame 2 and would reccomend it but just once again to clarify at no point is there a fishing minigame.


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Thanks for the review and I apologize if you expected an actual fishing minigame!

Also dang an 8-Bit Theater reference, that takes me back.
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