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The game is a Sci-Fi Fantasy RPG. Its set in an advanced fictional world on a flat plane referred to as Safehaven. For years Safehaven remains a heaven for its people world-wide but suddenly fiends get through the firmament, a barrier created to keep monstrous entities and demons out of their world. The story is centralised on the protagonist Quinton, a Combat Specialist of the Kilos Military Organisation. He is sent on a mission to seal all of the dimensional portals located at key points in Benvrais, the main continent after it ends up in lockdown.

-Animated Battlesystem
-A Unique story to unravel.
-Open World Play
-Original Soundtrack
-A Bestiary System
-A Junction System
-A Banking System
-10+ Hours Gameplay

Quinton Strider – the main protagonist of this epic sent on a mission by the Executive of the Kilos Military Organisation after learning of his skills. Although Safehaven is in lockdown, authorized to do so he goes on a journey attempting to seal all the dimensional portals in the plane.
Luceal – An experiment by the Kilos Military in an attempt to unlock the original powers of the Celestials. Luceal ends up being rejected by society often referred to as a winged beast or a monster due to her unnatural eyes and the fact that she has wings much like a Celestial being. Her powers are great, she can read minds and is exceptional in combat. Quinton encounters her when she attempts to flee the organisation and she is suspected of being in the Mavis Cult.
Mestafu Brigayeir – When suddenly fiends threatens Kal, the centre region in Safehaven, Commander Mestafu sends his men to save as many citizens as they can and get rid of them. Once he discovers the source of the problem that an active dimensional portal is located in the city bringing the monsters there in the first place, he asks Quinton a new recruit to assist him in sealing it. Although many of the higher ups disagree as they use alchemy to draw energy from the abyss through the use of dimensional portals which runs their society in the first place, Mestafu doesn’t give a damn. The city is eventually saved and Mestafu would later prove to be a powerful party member on Quinton’s secret mission.

Latest Blog

Early Development So Far

So far most of the main systems have been implemented into the game and tested such as the battle system, the bestiary and various addons for them. This game will be using a lot of original resources for example for the NPC's and Characters. It uses a different style of art than the default graphics. For now:
-The first character has been completed with full battle sprites as well.
-The junction system still needs a bit of testing but it seems to work well.
-All the classes have been planned for implementation via document.
-The first class has been completed in the database.
-The Opening Cutscenes have been planned.
-The Introduction Cutscenes have been planned.
-8 NPC's have been completed.

The Main Exteriors for the whole of the Kal Region of Benvrais has been completed. (Obviously there will be maps inside this region as well such as Apartments, Factories, The Inn, various Shops and more.)

At the moment resources are being developed for the game so work is going into the areas where resources have already been supplied such as the mapping as most of the tilesets are ready to be used. More NPC's are being developed and battlers are being converted for use in the game which will obviously receive credit.

The Overworld isn't complete yet but the Continent of Benvrais is practically done. It hasn't been decided how the Overworld will be completely organised but we have an idea how it will be implemented.

Expect the demo release to be released in the next few months as most of the resources for it are already complete. It will also be free for download here at RMN.
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Hey Somber thanks for subscribing, means a lot!

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