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  • Kylaila
  • 07/29/2018 05:42 PM
It is here!

After the long years of being a non-game creator, it feels vaguely strange to actively put anything up this site - to even have made anything from scratch in game-form. Even more so since I have been absent for over a year. Life became really busy, but I hope to come back here for a change of pace and the occasional review. I may also write more games like this in the future. If there are other engines like Twine out there, feel free to pass them on!

There may be a number of typos still and a lot of branches ended up being cut,
but in the end I did end up making something! I had a lot of fun writing this, so I hope it puts a smile on at least one person! (and the others can tell me all about how they did not enjoy it)

Cheers and blessings to all!


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I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Hehe yay! Go Kyla! Congrats on releasing your first gam!

And as for engines like Twine, I've not really used it so I dunno much, but for text gams and visual novels, there are quite a few like Renpy (which is pretty codey though uses Python which is pretty nice and simple) and from the creators of RM, Visual Novel Maker (VNM) which is more drag and drop, assumidly more like Twine! :D
Heyo : D YAY! Thank you!!
True, Renpy is really popular. I haven't seen VNM used much yet, though. That'd be interesting to look into! (also maaaybe different kinds of codes, it a new language, yeah?)
Guardian of the Description Thread
This goes back to god-knows-when, but, I wonder if the Adrift engine is still around? I recall playing a splattering of text-based adventures using that back in the day.

Also: welcome to the gammak club, Kylaila! You're in good company!
Ohh.. that's made for the the kind where you need to input/type specific actions, interesting! :) Thank you for pointing that my way.

Haha, it still feels unreal, but I thank you for the warm welcome. *grins* YUSS. I so look forward to the next gammak event.
Do we need a new engine added to RMN?
There are only so many games made with this (I think Healy made like.. three?), and then there are .. maybe a handful more? Which is why I am not sure it would be worth it. I have seen way more renpy games than Twine ones too.
But I certainly would be happy to see Twine added!
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