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In the backwaters of a kingdom at war, monsters have arisen unchecked. Hunters have stepped in to fill the gap, killing for hire. Anton, one such hunter, and the plucky young rogue Rain have taken a contract to explore the cave north of Laravelle and eliminate any threats. There's a sweet bonus if they can find evidence of the missing Princess, or some clue to her whereabouts as well!

This game was originally an entry in the Theme Roulette event, with a few touch ups applied. An experiment in the "choice and consequence" genre, dialogue is varied depending on what players have done or chosen beforehand. The game tracks these decisions, feeding into some of the nine endings.

As part of the assigned theme "slime", players can...
Divide into multiple slimes in battle, creating allies at the expense of HP
Level up, heal, and learn new abilities by eating certain objects
Shape-shift to look more or less human, altering NPC reactions
Decide for themselves who is too slimy to live.

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