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The game is being updated to become a commercial project. There will be a post made for when the full version is available. You can purchase the current version from my itch.io and it will be updated as well! https://drassray.itch.io/deymoun - otherwise, you can download it here for free.

This is a game made for the OpenGameArt.org Game Jam #2 on itch.io!

In this game you play as Deymoun, a traveling Mercenary with one thing on his mind: money. But after dredging through some mines for the past two days, and no money to his name, he needs somewhere to find some rest and food.

After picking up a small job at the nearby village of Lianza, he's just about ready to call it a night before he hears an odd sound that he needs to investigate.

What happens next? Well, you gotta play the game.

This game features:
Lively NPCS
Turned-based Combat with emphasis on the elements.
And a short story to boot!

I hope you have fun playing the game. Feel free to leave comments about anything you like or dislike about the game! :D

This game was made with the SMILE GAME BUILDER engine and Unity.

Original Entry: https://drassray.itch.io/deymoun


Mallaria - crate and barrel
xelu - free prompt icons
Credit to: Stephen "Redshrike" Challener, MrBeast, Surt, Blarumyrran, Sharm, Zabin - RPG Enemies: Dragons
Zingot Games www.zingot.com - Bitmap Font Pack
Leonard Pabin - Whispers of Avalon: Grassland tileset
Hyptosis and Zabin - Hyptosis Free Tiles
Matthew Pablo - http://www.matthewpablo.com - Music
Stephen Challener (Redshrike), hosted by OpenGameArt.org - Mushroom Monster
blarumyrran@gmail.com - Sea Serpent
Wyverii http://unsealed.k3rnel.net - Terrex
JosephSeraph - GreenGoo
codeman38 - Lunchtime Doubly So Font
Wolf and Scream SFX - www.freesoundeffects.com
The Cynic Project - Dark Forest Theme
Strawberries777 - Chibi Base Model https://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/69737
Mike Koenig - Water Drop Low SFX
Vecteezy.com - Fresh Water Fish Vector
Chromaeleon - 2D Pixel Fire Sprite Strip
www.kenney.nl - Nature Kit

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