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If you liked the game...

Please consider leaving me a review!
If you didn't like it, you're welcome as well! You'll help me improving.
Thank you.


If you get stuck...

...you probably have an older version of the game (I'm still trying to fix all the bugs). Please download the game again in that case. You can keep your game progress by transferring the "AFoD.dat" file to the new folder. Thanks for your understanding.



If you downloaded the game between 05/08 and 05/12 you will need to download the game again. I added an anti-lag script that caused a lot of bugs to occur. Now the problem has been solved.



- Anti-lag added
- Two minor bugs fixed
- Some untraslated lines are now translated
- Logo updated


It's here!

A Figment of Discord is ready for you to download.
You can report any bug/grammar mistake.
Translations in other languages are permitted, just send me a PM, so I can give you the uncripted file.
Enjoy the game!


We're getting close to the release!

Thank you to all the people who have already subscribed or have added A Figment of Discord to their playlists. Just hang on for a little bit longer.
In the meanwhile, I added character descriptions to the main page!
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