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You wake up in a room. Lonely and abandoned.
Your head hurts and you have no memories.
You walk through the dark corridors of the mysterious station and look for an exit.
But soon you realize that you're not alone.
An infection turns people into bloodthirsty creatures who hunt down the survivors.
But what is this place?
What happened here?
Why are you here?
And the most important question.
Who are you?

-Surviving enemies
-Solving Puzzles
-Crafting and looting
-Survival Horror

Decide how you want to defeat your opponents.
Run away, hide, or use your weapons.
But watch out. Ammunition is rare and shots are loud, which can attract more enemies nearby.​


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Big Demo release date 17th august 2019.
Playtime: 90-180 minutes.
  • Production
  • Commercial
  • winlu
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Action Adventure Shooter RPG
  • 08/07/2018 09:38 PM
  • 10/25/2019 03:56 PM
  • 12/12/2020
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This looks really neat! Between this and Fear & Hunger, rmn's having a bit of an survival horror renaissance.
Awesome! Excited to see this project on RMN. Looking forward to playing it :D
This are the most awesome graphics I've ever seen in an RM Game. How much will this game cost?

I'm glad you like it.
I will release a big demo this year, which included the first two chapters.
That's about 2-3 hours playing time.

@Tw0Face Thanks for the compliment.
I honestly haven't given it much thought.
I guess something between 10-15€.
About 10h main missions are planned.
With all side missions about 15h playing time.
But that always depends on the style of play.
People who explore everything will take longer.
Subscribed, this looks good. I remember you mentioning the development of this project on facebook. Looking forward to trying out the Demo.
this is relevant to my interests. i don't really subscribe to things (i get too many notices as it is) so i'll check back on this occasionally and when there's a download, add it to my playlist.
Now this is the game I'm actually waiting to see and play for my channel. I hope you can make the game and give lots of easter eggs throughout the game
This looks interesting, I may take a look when it will be released.
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