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bяain_ghost_therapy is a short post-modern experimental game about ghosts.

piotr is very ill
he see evil dead ghosts
piotr not want see ghost
piotr go to dr oblomov for kill ghost

this game was by team of russian soviet programmer haunted by ghost in basement of novosvliosk in siberia

Piotr is very ill: he sees evil dead ghosts everywhere. But Piotr doesn't want to.
So Piotr goes to Dr. Oblomov to cure his ghost problem.

According to the legends, this game was made by a team of Soviet programmers themselves haunted by ghosts, in a basement of the Siberian city of Novosvliosk.

About this game

I made this game a long time ago for a MS Paint game jam on itch.io, using Love2D 0.10, FL Studio, Tiled and MS Paint for the graphics. There are 4 endings depending on the path you take in the game. I can't remember how I've got the idea for this incredibly weird game. Maybe I was short on time to complete the game before the game jam's submission?

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