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Progress Report

Version 4.4

Added some MORE puzzles and fixed some MORE mistakes in Queen's Mountain - its the most complicated area in the game.

Progress Report

Version 4.3

Added some puzzles and fixed some mistakes in Queen's Mountain.

Progress Report

Version 4.2

Crammed in a few more puzzles and added a new "quick peek" journal feature.

Progress Report

Version 4.1

I had time to do a full play through recently which lead me to update to version 4.1. It took me just over 10 hours to do everything there is to do.

I added a few more puzzles, made a few things easier and a few things harder. I found several bugs which are now corrected.

If you see a version on the title screen of the game earlier than 4.1 you can transfer your save files (named Save1-4.rvdata in the game directory) to the new version by dragging and dropping them into the newly downloaded directory.

Progress Report

KD+KQ is Done!

Knight's Quest is finally done so version 4.0 is complete!

Progress Report

Final Side Quest!

The final side quest "Pawn's Island" is complete but still needs some play testing as it is by far the largest area in the game. The full game will be re-tested and tuned up by the end of the year.

Progress Report

More Side-quests

Finished the 4th quest "Queen's Mountain" and included a demo of the final quest "Pawn's Island" which will be finished by the end of the year.


New Expansion to Knight's Dungeon

It's been a year since I finished Knight's Dungeon so I'm starting a new series of 5 side-quests that will take about 30 min to an hour of play time each. 3 out of 5 of the side-quests are now included in the regular download. I've also thrown in some new music so now every level has its own. I'll be taking a break now to decide what the other 2 side-quests will be!


Fixed Glitches / Errors

Posted version 1.0.5 which fixes many of the glitches and errors in the game. Thanks to Jeroen_Sol for play testing!


The Game is Complete!

I'm not 100% sure there are no errors, but the game is beatable from start to finish. All features seem to be working.
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