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PSYCHE Locke vs The World! | Misao Awards 2018

  • OldPat
  • 01/03/2019 02:40 PM

Hi, everyone!

Enjoying 2019 so far? Have you bein' partying like there's no tomorrow?

Voting for last year's Misao started and PSYCHE Locke managed to find his way into 6 categories!

Excellence in Narrative
"Eye Candy" Award
The "How the Hell Did They Do That?" Award
Trippiest Game
The Kentona Award
Game of the Year

If you think PSYCHE Locke deserves any of these awards, please do cast your vote here:

It would mean the world to me^^

It's always good to receive even a small form of accomplishment. PSYCHE Locke was made in one month for the Theme Roulette Event but, despite the short time that I had, I tried my best in order to deliver a fun, deep and polished experience.

I'm glad, very, very glad the game got noticed and people gave their support. I never thought it could reach this level of attention. Actually, I never thought it could gain any sort of attention at all.

Not because I think the game doesn't deserve it but... because I'm a nobody in a big community with tons, TONS of extremely good games.

I'm not good with expressing my gratitude in Italian, let alone in English. All I wanted to say is, thank you thank you and again thank you for your support!

2019 will bring more ORUDOPATTO's games. I'll try my best to always release quality stuff and I will never stop improving!


See ya!

- Pat


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Maybe you have my vote, maybe you don't, either way , good luck OrudoPato!
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Maybe you have my vote, maybe you don't, either way , good luck OrudoPato!

Thanks, Ozzy!
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