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Progress Report

Bugs and more Bugs

All reported bugs has been fixed thanks to everyone who messaged me about them!

Progress Report

Heroes Stories

Hello everyone!

for all of those who has downloaded and tested out the demo, thank you very much. i have recieved feedback and sugggestions and they all will be taken into consideration when i complete the final product. thanks and i hope you all look forward to further updates!


Reported Bugs

Please report any bugs you find on this blog as a reply.

No fadein after using carriage = fixed
event checking first hero statue = fixed
elemental charms recipe not dropping = fixed

Progress Report


I have already put in a lot of work towards this project before sharing it on this website. Expect a demo either later today or tomorrow to be ready for anyone who wants to test out my latest project and help me debug.

Thanks for checking out my project!
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