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Alyssa's fought and feared the Guardianship for her whole life. Now her worst nightmare has come true. She's been captured, and a specialized team of dream divers are preparing to enter and erase her mind. If they succeed, they'll mold what's left of her into an obedient, perfect citizen.

This is the ending of Alyssa's story. And if you do your job right, it won't be a happy one.

CW: institutional violence, self-harm

* * *

Reasons to play this game:

  • 10 challenging and meticulously balanced boss fights

  • Lots of twisty-turny brain labyrinths to get lost in

  • Limited healing options -- manage your resources carefully if you want to reach the end

  • A story that'll hopefully stick with you for a good while after the credits roll

* * *

UPDATE July 23rd, 2021: Three Year Anniversary v1.1 Re-release!

  • Option to choose between CLASSIC and PREPARED mode. CLASSIC offers the original Facets experience, while PREPARED starts you with many extra items!

  • Swap between ACTIVE and WAIT mode in the menu. While in WAIT mode, enemies will not attack while you're selecting your next action.

  • A boss guide and maps of all locations.

  • A new title screen.

  • Various bug fixes and small balance re-tunings.

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  • farawaythyer
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 08/13/2018 03:41 PM
  • 08/19/2019 12:14 PM
  • 07/24/2018
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Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Hello! just played you game and it has a very interesting concept. I really feel bad for the girl who's mind your destroying. However, I cannot for the life of me complete your game, as it's just way too hard. This is mainly due to their being no major healing areas to head to after a tough fight with one of the bosses. Also, there are no grinding spots for exp for what I'm aware of. There are only 10 enemies in the game (all being on map encounters) who seem to give no EXP whatsoever. I am planning to review your game very soon. However, unless you can provide me with a way to fully heal my party's HP, MP, and revive dead characters, it will servery impact my review. If you do not respond to this message in 7 days, then I will give my review with my current rating. (1 Star) If you do respond and tell me a way, you link me to a later version with a healing area, I will replay the game and re-consider my review. Thank you and have a nice day.
Hi KrimsonKatt!

The only way to restore MP in Facets is to use healing items, which are available in limited quantities in treasure chests around the map. You're correct that enemies give no EXP. All the bosses are balanced around fighting them at the level you start the game at.

The challenge of Facets is in fighting the increasingly hard bosses while managing your dwindling stock of healing options. It's very possible to reach the final boss and not have enough resources to win -- several of my test players who beat the game used their very last potion during the final boss. Facets is inspired by survival horror-y RPGs like Final Fantasy Legend and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, and it's supposed to be very taxing to play.

It sounds like it's not your kind of game, which is fine! Some of my best friends didn't enjoy it at all. But I love these sorts of games, and I haven't played any made in RPGMaker before. I'm happy to fill an extremely under-served niche.

I've considered making an "easy mode" version of the game that's less miserable, but... I feel like that wouldn't be fair to Alyssa. Her fight's hard enough as it is.
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