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Answering more questions.


So, there are some more questions that people asked me about the game, so I'll be answering them now.

Is this a horror game?

I don't think this qualifies as a horror game by itself, but the game is largely inspired by those and it contains certain aspects such as body and cosmical horror.
The thing is, I didn't make Dying Cat with the intention of creating a horror game (like Purgatory or Mogeko Castle), but a grimdark roleplaying game that has horror elements in it.

Why it looks like the story changed from the last entries?

Because it has changed.
The original story didn't sit well with the RPG elements that I've planned for it, and lots of game mechanics that were made for that story in mind were severely unfriendly to players, so I changed the story to fit a more RPG perspective.
And I guess it worked.
Maybe I'll reserve that story for another game that isn't an RPG. Maybe.
But a lot of the original story remains in the new one, so it isn't entirely new.

Why are you using RTP and assets from Modern City?

Sadly I don't have any more money to hire people to make new tilesets and character sprites for me, so I'll do what I can with what I have.
I'm doing custom sprites and battlers by myself, but I'm not a good spriter nor an actual artist.

How's the game doing? Any estimates?

The game's doing fine. Slowly, but fine.
I don't believe I'll release it anytime soon, but I'll try to keep you guys informed about its status.

Will the game still be released on Steam when it comes out?

Unfortunately, not anymore.
The thing is I'm using a lot of assets that are not mine. Sprites, tiles, music, audio and so on.
And Steam is really strict with the rule that it will not accept games with non-original or copyrighted material.
Oh well, not much I can do about that.

Is there a way to contact you or have more news on the game?

Why yes, you can actually hop on the game's new Discord server, Tales from Anthos City.
There you can make questions and talk to me directly since I'm more prone to use Discord than having to look on every single page my game has. And I answer faster too.
You can also email me at carlosdavilla999@gmail.com, but I doubt anyone would do that these days.

Progress Report

I work really slow.

Just put that in mind, guys. I'm working on this at the same time I'm finishing writing a book that I'm working on for the past 3 years.
Wait for this as you would wait for that web-friend of yours that you've met in MW2 that was last online 7 years ago to come back.
You know he/she might not, but you do it anyway, for whatever reason.


A convenient F.A.Q.

Q: Will the game be free to play?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the game be available on Steam to download?
A: Not for now. I'll at least wait to see if the game will receive some good reviews (or if someone will play it at all). Putting something on Steam isn't free, nor cheap.

Q: What's the genre of the game?
A: A contemporary grimdark top-down turned-based RPG.

Q: What the game is about?
A: Depression, memories and hope (and cats).

Q: What language will it be available?
A: English (on initial release) and brazilian portuguese (on future releases and only if it's well received).

Q: When it will be released?
A: I don't have any idea.
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