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UPDATE Dec 9th 2018: Dys v2 is here! Hopefully it will crash a lot less now!






Dystilled Water (???)

Welcome to Dys, the Eternal Space Jail. You will be here forever, along with all of the other criminals. What was your crime? It hardly matters now. People are sent here to disappear.

Escape is impossible, thanks to the space-time boodly-doodly nonsense or whatever. The floors are constantly shifting at random and nobody's seen the exit, so good luck with that.

However, that same space-time nonsense seems to affect you as well. You find yourself with strange abilities you've never had before.

You and your three companions will use your new ESP abilities to attempt to break out of this place. Navigate the shifting floors, destroy your enemies, even reincarnate and mutate into the ultimate fighting machine!

It's all useless, of course... or is it?

- Fight through a randomly-shifting assortment of dungeons in this weird roguelike-like adventure!

- Choose from 7 different classes (one of which comes in 4 elemental flavors), such as the frail-but-fast Wedding Ninja, the mentally-impenetrable Brain Wizard, or the tough-as-literal-nails Riot Queen!

- Thanks to MGC's FPLE engine, enjoy the lo-fi thrill of navigating a labyrinthine 3D dungeon from a 1st-person perspective!

- Take advantage of the Reincarnation system! When you lose a battle, instead of a straight Game Over, you have the option to start over again at level 1 - only with all of your skills intact, along with a permanent stat boost, so you can come back with a vengeance!

- Further expand your options by eating a mysterious Bun, which will mutate your character into a different class entirely!

- Battle to the end of Normal Mode, or play on Endless Mode! How many floors can you conquer?

Also available on itch.io! https://lovegames.itch.io/dys

*IMPORTANT: The space within Dys is very unstable. There's no telling when you'll be kicked into oblivion without warning, so save often! (which is really just a cute way of saying that this engine is really unstable and crashy.... I'm sorry everybody, I tried my best ;-;)

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This looks super rad! I .. i still have another game to finish ~.~ but I will get to this eventually : D Sounds like my cup-a-tea
This looks sick as hell. Definitely plan on giving it a try.
This looks like an underappreciated gem. Some banging music too.

Edit: I can't play it rn because it breaks immediately on my system but I watched a video. I wold love to see a review of this.
Couldn't get anything after the character creation to display asides from menus(Almost definitely because I'm trying to run it on a phone), but still seems pretty fun nonetheless.
Dys game is cool and addicting!!!!!211

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