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A Solid Labyrinth RPG For Someone Who'd Like Just That

My overall experience with Dys was enjoyable. I find alot of games by just installing anything that looks interesting, and coincidentally Dys fell under my radar and I installed it. I was pleasantly surprised when I got pretty deep into it, I even had a few of my friends play it, they enjoyed it as well.I feel like Dys can appeal to just about anyone who likes RPG combat systems. Dys is a Labyrinth RPG, however it is essentially just that. It doesn't have any narrative or story at all. Let alone there is barely any dialogue at all. But surprisingly this is more of a blessing than a curse. Sometimes I just decided to play Dys because I could pick it up from anywhere, not having to worry about objectives I may forget. Due to this I played Dys more than I've played other RPG Maker games with a similarly intuitive combat system. Dys is a very difficult game at times, but alot of the combat is satisfying and involved. More often than not, you have to think a bit on your strategy. Mashing "Attack" won't get you very far, well... unless you encountered one of those single Wardenroids. Another fun thing to note is that you can choose 4 characters to have as your party. All 7(10 if you count the alternate Esper Girl Forms) are unique characters with plenty of thought and creativity poured into both their designs and their movesets. I felt as if no character was "better" than the other gameplay wise(but imo Brain Wizard is best boy, no contest), so this lets you build your party in any way you please. You can even go in with 4 of the exact same character and call it a day if you're a cool enough guy for that. (like my friend that picked a team of 4 FurZerkers) So the balance is very appreciated. The game's difficulty fluctuates, in between different states. When I finally mastered the combat system, battles were no biggie, but sometimes the opposing team would sweep the heck out of mine. (i hate you Double Space Witch/Double Bunjellica troop) So sometimes I just felt as if some outcomes to battles were impossible, and yeah, that's the case sometimes. You can literally just die if the enemy decides to use all of their best moves at once, extra points if they all hit every party member. Yes, it makes it very very satisfying to beat them after ALMOST dying, but other times you'd loose and feel a bit empty. Progress loss isn't an issue though, the game lets you save at any time. I kinda felt that this took away from the difficulty aspect, but I appreciated it when I encountered "unbeatable" enemies. So sometimes I just played whilst exhibiting self control by only saving when I hit a new floor. The floors as a whole are a nice method to have some exploration. Sometimes I got very very lost, but that just comes naturally with this type of game. One fun thing about Dys is that Shops and Rest Areas are VERY sparse. Shops only appearing in the first room and safe floors, and Rest Areas in varied rooms including the safe floors. This kept me on my toes SLIGHTLY, but depending on how lucky you are with treasure chests (or if you have a healer with high ESP), the whole "no rest areas or shops till later" thing isn't as intimidating as it seemed. ONE issue with characters I realized was the Quantum Esper Girl having an ability that moves you to the next floor, on my first playthrough I abused this once I got to the 17th floor. The characters are balanced combat wise, but Quantum Esper Girl's teleport move is OP for map reasons. It kinda defeats the purpose of the game. But other than that pacing is good. One thing that definitely kept me going was the artstyle. The art is beautiful and the environments are trippy and cool. The characters are well drawn and designed (even if you only get to see their art in the select screen and menu screen), and the pixel art is nothing short of amazing. The attack animations are smooth and satisfying, and I genuinely sensed an improvement from the animations in Rxcovery(one of this dev's past games). The enemy designs are creative as well, I just wished that there were a lot more. Especially when you go into endless mode, running into the same enemies ruins the "on your toes" thing 'cause you know what to expect from them. It also doesn't help that some of the enemies are recolors, I'd forgive this a bit more if there was more variety. The bosses are excellently designed, but I felt as if they were too easy. They aren't a challenge at all, in fact I had much more trouble with some random encounters than I did with them. There was also a glitch, I don't know if it is just me but sometimes when fighting a boss the random encounter music would play instead of the boss theme. Me being as picky as I was, I reloaded my save till it played. I don't know why this happens, but it does. Lastly the ending is what's expected of a game like this... haha that's all I'll say before S P O I L E R S.

(double lastly the music claps and Rabbit Rabbit is an excellent composer I especially like the credits theme and the boss theme)

ANYWHO, I liked Dys but in needs some improvement. I'd love for this idea to be expanded upon and I'd double love to see what else this developer is planning.