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This was a game made by around 30 people at the old Gaming World forums. Participants were each asked to make a small section in 2 days. The sections were then combined into one full and nonsensical game.

It's the story of RTP Hero Alex, sucked into a multi-dimensional portal and forced to face his inner demons. Alex makes his way through numerous worlds and meets various eccentric characters, including chickens, Jawa, demons, cultists, and the shape of his own soul.

For this re-release, the ability to skip maps was added. Simply press "9" whenever you have control of Alex. It's not possible to skip non-interactive maps. In addition, the executable was updated to the latest official RPG Maker 2003 release.

Also check out the bigger and better sequels: ALEX II: Dancing Fever, ALEX III: Carol No Sekai, and ALEX IS: Who Killed Brian? And Why?

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