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This was a game made by more than 50 people at the old Gaming World forums. Participants were each asked to make a small section in 3 days. The sections were then combined into one full and nonsensical game. This time, people could decide to make a map for either RTP characters Alex or Carol. The player can then select the main character to play as.

This is the story of Alex and Carol, who end up separated after fighting the evil Cloak Demon. The demon sends them in a journey through space and time. On their journey, each protagonist visits numerous bizarre worlds. They are forced to engage in rap battles, capture Pokémon, resist chickens, summon demons, infiltrate enemy bases, do a barrel roll, and uncover the true purpose of their mindless quest.

It is possible to skip many of the maps. Simply press "9" whenever you have control of Alex or Carol. This doesn't work for non-interactive maps

Also check out the other games in the series: ALEX: BEGINS, ALEX II: RETURNS, and ALEX IS: TRIUMPHANT

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