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This was a game made by more than 35 people at the old Gaming World forums. Participants were each asked to make a small section in 2 days. The sections were then combined into one full and nonsensical game. This is the first game in the series where the player doesn't play as Alex.

This time, you play as Alexis, the RTP heroine who is accused of killing Carol, the magician love interest of Alex. Alexis is thrown into a vast wasteland known as The Wasteland of Endless Illusions, where she wanders around in circles and witnesses horrific hallucinations and illusions.

Also check out the other games in the series: A.LEX: Love Blooming on the Battlefield, AL.EX 2: Love Ultra Academy Tactics!, and AL3X: Mobile Edition

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  • darkrgb
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Action Puzzle RPG
  • 08/16/2018 09:51 PM
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  • 05/12/2008
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I remember this! I made a map for it.
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