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◆ Story

Long ago, lived four overlords. The four of them preserved balance and watched over humankind for over a hundred of years.

But humanity kept on bringing chaos and destruction upon their world. Due to this, a conflict broke out between the four overlords. Each of them had their own ways of guiding humankind, but they all contradict with each other's.

And so, the four overlords built their own factions, and performed a ritual to summon their champions to help spread their teachings to the world.

Elysion, the holy faction, led by Zaphiel, the overlord of light. Deserter, the dark faction, led by Adellum, the overlord of darkness. Undersea, the water faction, led by Clymene, the overlord of sea. And Barrier, the earth faction, led by Razael, the overlord of lands.

The story of Transcendence Legacy revolves around Xyrania, an Elysion holy knight who possess a mysterious dark power. Later, he got recruited by an assassin of Deserter, Xycelion, to leave Elysion and join the Deserter, offering a more suitable place for Xyrania to live in as he possess the dark power. Yet the mystery behind Xyrania's dark power remains unsolved. And little by little, the embers of war starts to smoulder.

◆ Features

Recruit Characters - Recruit new allies with unique abilities to assist you in your journey.

Skill Learn System - Strengthen your characters with plenty of unlockable skills and abilities.

Turn Based Combat - Fight enemies in a turn based battle system.

Latest Blog

Transcendence Legacy 1.3.0 Released!

*To transfer save data from version 1.1.x or 1.2.x to 1.3.0, simply move the save files (Save01.rvdata2, Save02.rvdata2, and so on...) to the new game directory. Please note that 1.0.0 save files are not compatible with this version.

Transcendence Legacy 1.3.0

  • New recruitable (Clymene), she can be found at the top of Niverpar Heights after clearing the bonus chapter (Razael's Refrain).

  • New area and mini boss (accessible from Hollow Land).

  • New legendary equipment.

  • Bug fixes.
  • Completed
  • Xurzerth
  • Kierun
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 08/19/2018 02:44 PM
  • 11/06/2020 05:52 PM
  • 11/07/2018
  • 27170
  • 19
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Pages: 1
Looks awesome! Subbed :)

Thank you! :D
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This looks like an interesting project, gonna sub and see how it goes.
Medium length RPG. It's very basic in both story and mechanics, but it's passable. The story is something like a watered down version of legends of illarion 2. Theres alot of playable characters but half of them dont do much with the plot and/or were some random person u met in a sidequest. Battles are quite easy if you are watching your party's health and heal them when necessary. The mapping is pretty basic but there are a few puzzles here and there. Try it if you want something simple and easy to play.

Every boss was susceptible to poison so there wasnt much chance of losing. Only a handful of bosses had AOE's so it's pretty easy most of the time. I didn't really want to use the pure healers anyway because they all have low HP and can easily be oneshotted.
Good game but the points sysytem is kinda flawed,after going to level 20 someone's not longer gaining ability points
On the last stretch of this game but I have yet to find any garnets, where are they?
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